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March 6th Meeting Minutes
Members present:  Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Steve Bast, Jenna Brownson, Brenda Riordan, Tom Proulx, Marc O'Meara, Bob Stall, Mark Hollinger, Mike Levasseur, Quinn Canfield, Peter Lloyd and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:35.

February Minutes
The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.
Park & Rec account: $19k
Booster account: $9.7K
In Town Report
Academy – Awaiting confirmation on a new PW coordinator.  The coaches are all set.  There will be 6 teams of 7 players            
U7 – There are 42 players and will be 6 teams
U8 – There are 40 players and will be 4 teams of 10 players and registration is closed
Travel Report
BU10 – there are 3 teams with 11 players each.  4 players that were wait listed had to be turned away. 
BU12 – There are 2 teams.  One team with 14 players and 1 team with 15 players
BU14 –There is 1 team with 18 players.  There were cuts and 7 players were let go
BU18 - There is 1 team with 18 players.  There were cuts and 1 player was let go
GU10 – There are 4 teams and 42 players.  There are 2 teams with 11 players each and 2 teams with 10 players each
GU12- there are 3 teams with 15 players each
GU14- there are 2 teams with 18 players each
GU18 - There are 2 teams.  One team with 17 players and 1 team with 15 players
Received a complaint from a parent about registration asking for medical insurance numbers, the board decided this was not needed and will be removed from the on line registration in the fall
Nothing discussed
 Overall NVYSL team enrollment in the league is down, however there are still some towns adding late teams to the league

Coaches Development
Coaches F Training course has been set up for March 21st & March 28th at Russell St from 6pm – 10 pm.  As of now there are only 5 participants we need at least 7 more coaches.

The equipment shed needs to be inventoried

Fields are as follows
  • 5 fields at Russell St (Not available on Tuesdays due to baseball)
  • 4 fields at St. Anne’s (used for practice only)
  • 2 fields at Koerper
Player Development
Soccer camps will be posted on the website as well as Memorial Day Tournaments

New Business
MTOC pictures will be on March 11th and 12th
Coaches Meeting
  • March 13 @ P R Room 123
    7:00-8:00 Travel Coaches 8:00-9:00 U7 and U8 Coaches
  • March 27 @ P R Room 123
    U6 and PW Academy
Team pictures will be May 11th

My Town Sport
  • Concern of will they mark up uniform cost,  Can they keep it at the same price and benefit from the foot traffic in the store
  • Pat will speak with the owners, nothing will be done for the spring season
Meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM
Next meeting April 3rd