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June 5th Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Steve Bast, Brenda Riordan, Dave Besse, Dan Fusco, Jenna Brownson, Bob Stall, Tom Proulx, Marc O'Meara, Mark Hollinger, Cheryl Hollinger, Mike Levasseur, Peter Lloyd and Dave Kiley
Elaine Dupuis, Sharon Tully and Rob Ashworth

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:32.

June Minutes
The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.
Park and Rec. account has ~ $9k through 5/31.  Booster account has $9280.  Currently we still owe the referees ~$4500.00 for the season.  Field maintenance fees of ~$13k are due in approx. 1 month.  Overall for the year we lost ~$6k.
Picture day brought in ~ $500.00
In Town Report
PW Academy – No issues things are going well.  Request that all in town coordinators send out a note to parents and coaches to solicit feedback
U6 Academy – Season went well good parent and coach’s participation.
U8 – No major issues.  One thing to note is that at this age we discourage players from heading the ball.  We also need a set of modified rules posted on the web site for the U7 & U8 age groups
Review option of having an academy set up for U7’s & U8’s.  This could be run on Friday nights for th 1st 4 weeks of the season.  Pat Stearns motions to have BEST soccer run two sessions for each group and to have players and coaches assigned to a night.  (Motion Passed).  We would need BEST and coaches for ~1 ½ hours a night.
Need to have In Town coaches plan available for August coaches meeting
Travel Report
One referee issue and 1 tryout schedule date issue other than that no further issues.  Assessments were sent out to travel coaches with a due date of 6/21
One concern brought up by Elaine Depuis was how the board handles player cuts.  It was felt that there needed to be more communication of how Littleton is reaching out to get players from other towns to play in Littleton and form another team versus Littleton just offering players to other towns
Registration for the fall is open.  Travel registration closes 6/30 and in town registration closes 7/31
AGM meeting for the league is 6/9 @ 7:30.  There is a merger between MTOC1, MTOC2 and NCUP, due to player attrition and Westborough moving to BAYS.
Littleton will host 1 NCUP tourney
MTOC tournament is 6/29 and 6/30
Pass cards are required for all fall travel coaches
Snack Shack
Made $400 this which is a little down this year however the fields haven’t been fully utilized.  LELD wanted a sign placed under the Koerper sign statint that the land was donated to the Littleton Soccer Club by LELD.  Boards decided that a sign would be placed on the shack stating that.  LELD also mentioned to leave the water at the snack shack on during the season versus shutting it off after games and practices.

We have received many compliments for having a ref and 2 A/R’s at the lower age groups.  Mentoring of Grade 9 is to begin.
There was one issue in a Townsend game where the Townsend coach was complaining about the referee upsetting the referee.  Upon checking the coach card it was found that the person was not even on the coaching list.  Pass cards should help alleviate this issue.

Therer are ~ 150 sets of travel uniforms in the shed.  My Town Sports will assume the stock and sell them without a mark up.  They will procure future uniforms to support the program.
New Business

World Cup – if inclement weather need an alternate plan for World Cup.  Decision will be made on 6/6 as whether the games will be played. One possibilityis to hold the games on 6/15 if the fields are available

Koerper Work – Pat to receive a quote to repair the bare spots on Koerper field proceeds from the NCUP tournament would be put to the cost of repairs.

Tournament Shirts – Proposal to purchase MTOC Tournament shirts for the players passed (1 opposes – Gary Austin)

P&R $5 usage fee will be added to registration sign up

Annual General Meeting Election Results

Elected Positions
  • President – Pat Stearns
  • Vice-President – Gary Austin
  • Treasurer – Peter Lloyd
  • Secretary – Dave Kiley
  • Travel Director – Brenda Riordan
  • Registrar – Mark Hollinger
  • Pee Wee Coordinator – Open
  • U6 Coordinator – Dan Fusco
  • U8 Coordinator – Steve Bast
Appointed Positions
  • In-Town Referee Coordinator – Tommy Proulx
  • Travel Referee Coordinator – Bob Stall
  • Equipment Director – Gary Austin
  • Field Coordinator – Open
  • NVYSL Representative – Mark Hollinger
  • Player Development Coordinator – Mike Levasseur
  • Coaching Development – Pat Stearns
  • Booster Director – Kathleen Cochran
  • Concessions – Cheryl Hollinger
  • Travel Coordinator Assistant – Mike Levasseur
  • CORI’s – Steve Bast
Next Meeting July 10th