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July 10th Meeting Minutes
Members present:  Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Steve Bast, Brenda Riordan, Tom Proulx, Mike Levasseur, Peter Lloyd and Dave Kiley 
Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:35.
July Minutes 
The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.
Park and Rec. account has ~ $19k.  Currently we still owe the referees ~$4500.00 for the season.  $881 bill for shirts is still outstanding.
Booster account has $11k
In Town Report
Nothing to Report
Travel Report
Currently registered for the fall season is as follows:
U10 – 55 players proposed 6 teams - 5 teams of 9 players 1 team of 10 players
U12 – 32 players proposed 2 teams
U14 – 24 players 1 team looking for 6-8 players from other towns to form a 2nd team; Brenda to ask Mark H to send out a note to other towns
U18 – 0 players
U10 – 37 players proposed 4 teams - 3 teams of 9 players 1 team of 10 players
U12 – 44 players
U14 – 35 players 
U18 – 10 players
See numbers from above
Nothing to report
Currently reviewing to see what needs to be ordered balls, medical kits etc.
New Business
Coach Selection Committee- consists of Gary Austin, Pat Stearns, Bob Stall, Mike Levasseur, Brenda Riordan and Tom Proulx (alternative)
There will be a coaches meeting on 8/14 for U7/U8 and travel coaches.  The coaches meeting for in town coaches will be held 8/21
Academy- Pat Stearns proposed to continue with the academy program using BEST soccer – motion passes
Park & Rec Fee _ question arose that if a family reaches the monetary cap for registration should they still need to pay the P&R fee.  It was agreed by the board that the fee should still be charged
A idea to sketch Littleton Soccer image on the front of the snack shack was presented to the board which the board approved as long as a sketch was presented and approved by the board before any work was done.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM
Next Meeting August 7th