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September 4th Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Dan Fusco, David Caouette, Steve Bast, Bob Stall, Tom Proulx, Mike Levasseur, Peter Lloyd, Cheryl Hollinger and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:32.

August Minutes 

No minutes available for Augusts’ meeting.


Park and Rec. account has ~ $34k.  Booster account has $6920

In Town Report

PW has 42 registered players there will be 6 teams of 7 players
Academy 1st week went well no issues
U7/U8 everything all set no issues

Travel Report

Still missing some photo ID’s for coaches; drivers license will be accepted on a limited basis for ID


One of the boys U10 teams will have to play their week 1 game at Russell st field due to a conflict with St Anne’s field


There are not enough players to field a HS team.
Only 1 issue with girls U10D team and that is a 1st year transition player has asked to play with U8’s.  The parents want their daughter to play with her classmates however the travel director feels she would be better off with the U10 team.  He will ask the parents if she will play for the U10 team if they don’t to accept that then she will be allowed to play for U8.  This would leave U10D team with only 9 players.


Nothing to report


All U10 coaches are encouraged to attend the League coaches meeting.


Nets as well as other equipment is either lacking or in poor shape


No issues with fields.  Bob Stall to help coordinate fields.


Four in town refs have moved to travel.  10 in town referees returned as well as 1 new referee giving in town 11 referees.

There are 4 new travel referees.  Every ref has 2 scheduled games as a minimum  There are 21 grade 9 referees in travel and some of the more experienced grade 9’s will be allowed to A/R U12 games.

Player Development

Columbus Day Weekend Pepperell will be host a Fall tournament.  Girls team will play on Saturday. Boys teams play on Sunday with play offs held on Monday

New Business

U7/U8 Skills Nights to be held with 2 groups on Fridays from 9/13 – 10/4 times will be from 5-6 and 6-7 this would be run by BEST soccer .  A note will be sent out top coaches of that age group to be certain enough will be available for 5:00

Snack Shack

NCUP took in 694 (we started with $150) plus the league owes us $94 for ref and off. food as well as $600 for field fees ($50 per team)

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 PM
Next Meeting October 2nd