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February 4th Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Steve Bast, Dan Fusco, Tom Proulx, Peter Lloyd, and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:35.

February Minutes
The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.
Park and Rec. account – finance numbers were not available at the time of meeting.  Booster account has $15.6k.
President and treasurer to review P&R account and reconcile ledger
Not Available
In Town
  • PW - 31 players registered
  • U6 - 31 players registered
  • U7 - 25 players registered
  • U8 - 25 players registered
U6 will have 6 teams of 8 and U7 & U8 are trying to get 6 teams of 8 for each age group
Final team submissions are due 2/7 and rosters by the beginning of March

  • U10 - 51 players registered
  • U12 - 29 players registered
  • U14 - 16 players registered
  • U19 - 20 players registered
  • U10 - 39 players registered
  • U12 - 38 players registered
  • U14 - 36 players registered    
  • U19 - 34 players registered – currently only have 1 coach would need a 2nd
Not Available
Need to have shirts ordered and on hand for coaches meeting.  Pat to review numbers for PW’s and provide them to Gary. U6/7/8 team numbers are provided above.
Coaches Development
U7/U8 coaches need to be made aware that if they want to coach travel in the fall they are required to obtain an F coaching license.  This will be discussed at the coaches meeting
New Business
In Town Boys/Girls Discussion
In town the topic of separating boys and girls at U7 & U8 was brought up it was decided that it would be tabled for the February meeting and discussed in March.  It will also be discussed at the coaches meeting and the board would want feedback from the parents before a decision is made with the possibility of having an open meeting with the parents to discuss at an in town spring game
MTOC Pass cards
Checking to see if parents or coaches can upload players pictures vs. having a picture night where Pat is doing all the uploads.
MY Town Sports is looking to sell warm up suits.  Boards decided that they need to bring design suggestions to the board for approval.
Meeting adjourned at 8:55 PM

Next Meeting March 5th