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April 2nd Meeting Minutes

Members present:  Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Steve Bast, Dan Fusco, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Mike Levasseur, Peter Lloyd, Cheryl Hollinger, Liz Schocklin and Dave Kiley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:32.


March Minutes

The previous meeting's minutes were approved unanimously.



Park and Rec. account – $14.2K

Booster account $15.2k


NVYSL was paid $6k


In Town

The 1st week of in town games are cancelled due to fields not being released for play


PW’s will have 9 teams of 6 players and 1 team of 7 players There are enough parents signed up to coach and working on CORI’s for those new coaches


U6 all players have been contacted


U7 has 8 players per team in U8 there are 2 teams with only 7 players it would be nice to have 2 more players sign up to balance the teams




  • No report was available



  • U10 - 41 players registered -4 teams ( 3 teams of 10 players, 1 team of 11 players)
  • U12 - 39 players registered - 3 teams( 3 teams of 13 players, 3 players waitlisted)
  • U14 - 36 players registered -  2 teams
  • U19 - 33 players registered – 2 teams (1 team of 17 players, 1 team of 16 players)



See above



Not Available



Equipment is set and coaches can pick it up at the shed between 5:30-7:00 on April 3rd



Travel referees are all set. 

In town referees there are 12 new refs with 2 returning



All fields are closed and will be reassessed on April 7th.  All April 5th home games are postponed


Snack Shack

Coaches need to send coverage for the snack shack to Cheryl


New Business


Tryout Review

Question arose if we should add skills to the beginning of the tryout sessions before we begin promotion/relegation.  If decided to do any drills they would need to be sent to the coaches in advance so they could work with the players on those drills before tryouts.  It was decided to table this idea until next meeting


Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM

Next Meeting May 7th