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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – July 2nd Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Gary Austin, Dan Fusco, David Caouette, Peter Lloyd, Bob Stall, Seth Landsman, Steve Bast, Heather McAuley and Mike Levasseur


Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:36


June Minutes – not available


Treasurer: Park & Rec = $11,900 through June 10, Booster = $8,900 with approximately $4-5k for uniforms


Travel: BU10 registrations = 58, cap at 66 with 6 teams

    BU12 = 36 registrations, cap at 45 with 3 teams

    BU14 = 19 close with one possible cut

    GU10 = 39, cap at 44 with 4 teams

    GU12 = 40, cap at 45 with 3 teams

    GU14 = 37, cap now with two teams, one overloaded


    Also discussed placement of fall players who are not likely to play in the spring – do we place them on MTOC teams in the fall (as in the past).  General consensus is to continue placing players where they belong whichever season(s) they play.


Registrar: Need list of board members for the website


Equipment: No report


Referees:  State will no longer certify Grade 9, but will drop Grade 8 certification from age 16 to age 14.  

    Current Grade 9 refs will be allowed to continue.  No immediate impact for Littleton foreseen but within a year we could start having a shortage of referees.


Snack Shack: No report


New Business


Coach Selection Committee – meeting July 23 at 7PM at Gary Austin’s house.  Committee is Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Bob Stall, David Caoutte, Mike Levasseur and Tom Proulx


Best AcademyPeewee will not be using BEST coaches on week nights, but on Saturdays with BEST coaches providing hands on coaching to pre-selected teams each week​. Keep Weekend for U6 with a scheduled rotation of teams each week to get as much hands on from Best as possible.


Coaches Shirts – to be determined by numbers and cost


Calendar – in email.  Change dates on Littleton 300th celebration – Sept 6, not 20th.

Littleton 300th celebration: To be determined at August meeting what LYSC will do (float? Etc)


Meeting adjourned at 9:17 PM.  Next Meeting August 6th.