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Members Present: Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Peter Lloyd, Dan Fusco, Steve Bast, Bob Stall, Seth Landsman, Liz Shocklin, Tommy Proulx, Dave Caouette, Mike Levasseur

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:32

September minutes accepted

Treasurer: Approximately $20,000 in our account, $15,000 in P&R account

In Town:  Academy going well as is U6.  On the issue of splitting the boys and girls for U8, the girls seem to like it but complaints from the boys parents as approximately 2/3 are first year and they seem to be holding up the second year boys.  Also a large number of late registrations led to kids being turned away.

Travel:  BU14 moving to MTOC 2, all other boys teams staying put.  GU12A to MTOC 1, GU14 A to MTOC 1 and B to MTOC 2.  Due to placement decisions three U12 girls dropped and 3 U14 girls dropped due to dissatisfaction.  Short discussion of this issue ensued – basically the assessment/evaluation process needs to be followed, we cannot accommodate the squeaky wheels.

Registrar:  Opening mid October for spring.  Jewelry and refund policies need to be articulated.  Draft language will be circulated to the board for input before being posted.

Referees:  ARs need work, mentors needed

Equipment:  Shed has been cleaned up

Snack Shack: $315 net with another $566 coming from the Russell St concessions.    Lots of booster items being sold.  Jenna Brownson added as co-chair.

New Business:

Put earring caveat in sign-up page (ie are the parents aware of the policy)

Pepperell Columbus day tournament: to date 4 girls and 3 boys travel teams

Next meeting is scheduled for November 5 at 7:30 at Park and Rec and will include a discussion on the tryout process