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Members Present: Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, Peter Lloyd, Dan Fusco, Steve Bast, Bob Stall, Seth Landsman, Tommy Proulx, Dave Caouette, Mike Levasseur, Cheryl Hollinger, Heather McAuley

Pat Stearns called the meeting to order at 7:31

December minutes accepted

Treasurer’ Report: Approximately $12,000 in our account, $7,600 in P&R account and ½ of field fees have been paid.  Bazaar brought in about $1400.

Travel Report:  Boys – 10 6 teams (55 registered); U12 3 tms (33); U14 1 team (16); U19 1 team (11).  Girls – U10 4 teams (37); U12 3 teams (37); U14 2 teams (35); U19 1 team 20 registered.

Registration – 1 credit applied to refund, 1 scholarship (note for the future – if scholarship granted in the fall we will automatically grant again in the spring.

In- town:  Age “fudging” seems to be systemic – database will be checked.

Fields:  Divots need to be filled in, especially at St. Annes.  At Koerper, highway department added berm to help with drainage.

New Business: None

Meeting adjourned at 9:02

Next meeting is scheduled for February 4 at 7:30 at Park and Rec