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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – May 6th, 2015  Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Pat Stearns, Gary Austin, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Tommy Proulx, Dan Fusco, Mike Levasseur, Mark Hollinger, Cheryl Hollinger, Peter Lloyd, Liz Shocklin, Heather McAuley, Steve Bast and Bob Chrenc.


Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:36


Treasurer: Regular and booster accounts are fine – awaiting billing on field usage but we shouldn’t need to raise fees


Travel: Most teams seem appropriately placed.  Overall close to 500 both boys and girls.  Tryouts scheduled for U10 and U12 May 18-21.  To send reminders to all players including fall players not playing this spring.


In-Town:  Gender split seems to be working.  Preparations underway for World Cup on June 13.


Registrar: Registration is open, reminders to be sent


NVYSL: Discussion about splitting seasons to reassign teams’ first and second half.  Littleton board would prefer fall split over Columbus day weekend even if that does not result in a perfect 4 games in each half.  More time for teams, refs, etc. to get up to speed (ie two week break).  Board views mid-season split as less necessary in the spring, perhaps the league should consider going back to moving just the couple of teams that need to be moved.  No firm recommendation.  Regarding rescheduling of Week 1 this spring due to closed fields recommendation to the league that age coordinators come up with a consistent policy as BU10 and GU10 were handled differently


Referees:  Going well, lots of games for players.  Need to come up with “training” for younger refs for fall.


Snack Shack/ Booster:  No issues


Equipment:  My Town Sports going out of business.  We will buy back inventory.  How to sell in the future TBA (uniform purchase night?)


New Business


Make Ups/Memorial Day – see NVYSL discussion


Tryouts – see Travel Discussion


Meeting adjourned at 9:27 PM.


Next Meeting – Annual General meeting including election of officers – June 3, 7:30 PM at Park and Rec Drivers Ed Room.