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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – July 30th (regularly scheduled August 6th) Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Gay Austin, Pat Stearns, Dan Fusco, David Caouette, Seth Landsman, Mike Lavesseur, Mark Hollinger, Tommy Proulx, and Matt Willis


Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Matt Willis voted in as PeeWee Coordinator.


June Minutes – Not Available.

World Cup Recap – Event went well.  Order small water bottles and Gatorades next year.

N Cup Recap - Need participation from the board.  Raised approximately $1000.

Booster – Approximately 60% of new gear sold.  Discussed direct mailer fundraiser.  Need to come up with a goal.

Treasurer – P+R account has $30,000. Booster has $13,100.

Registrar – 327 registrations to date.  Scholarships should go to waitlist instead of being removed for nonpayment. Need minutes for meetings from July 2014 to June 2015.

Equipment – No equipment from spring travel teams has been collected.  

Travel – Travel numbers were discussed for boys and girls.  Caps were set. Not enough for a high school team yet.

In-Town – Nothing to report. Agreed to keep current U7/U8 format.

Referees: Pat and Tommy will be setting up a class for in town referees. 

NVYSL Report – League has a new president, John Carver.  League would like input on modifying the NCup/MTOC playoff structure.


New Business

Coach Meetings – August 19 Academy Meeting.  August 20 U7/U8 7-8 Travel 8-9

Coach Selection Committee – Meet July 29.  Appointed committee- Gary Austin, Pat Stearns, Tommy Proulx, Mike Levasseur and Dave Caouette with Alternate Bob Stall.

New Uniforms – Agreed to explore new uniforms for 2016. Committee of Gary Austin, Pat Stearns, Bobby Chrenc and Peter Lloyd.

Meeting adjourned at 10:29 PM.  Next Meeting September 2rd.