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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – August 5th, 2015  Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Gary Austin, Pat Stearns, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Dan Fusco, Mike Levasseur, Mark Hollinger, Cheryl Hollinger, Peter Lloyd, Liz Shocklin, Heather McAuley, Steve Bast, Bob Chrenc, Seth Landsman and Matt Willis.


Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:32


Treasurer: Regular and booster accounts are fine no changes from last month – awaiting info from P&R


Travel: Boys = 6 U10 teams, four U12 teams one at MTOC, one U14 team

    Girls = 4 U10 teams, 3 U12 teams and 2 U14 teams


In-Town:  PW = 44 registered with 10 head coaches.  Looking for 10 teams. Registration to remain open

    U6 = 40 registered

    U8 = 41 girls for 4 teams (cap at 44), 64 boys registered for 8 teams cap at 80


Registrar: Travel closed, selected in-town left open.  Total registrations = 431


NVYSL: Discussion about whether our league should combine MTOC 1 and 2 into one group with the top two teams going to MTOC or remain at the current two divisions with only the winner of each going to MTOC.  Current alignment was mandated by state not too many years back but now with new alignments in many leagues NVYSL is looking for input on whether our league wants to petition the state to go back to the format we used to use.  By a split vote the board expressed the preference for one MTOC group and re-instituting the NCup division for teams not competing for MTOC


Referees:  Ref class for 12 and 13 year olds to be held 8/26 to train young refs for in-town games.


Snack Shack/ Booster:  $1800 from spring and Ncup


Equipment: Nothing


Fields:  To be collated at coaches meeting by Liz and then disseminated


New Business


Can we get BEST soccer to host a goalie clinic?


Coaches meetings – 8/19 PW and U6 at 7PM, 8/20 U8 at 7PM and travel at 8PM.  Fundraiser to be discussed (for fields?)


F License is now an on-line course.  Ted Doucette for coach development director?

Meeting adjourned at 9:18 PM.


Next Meeting – September 2, 2015 at 7:30 PM in Park and Rec Drivers Ed Room.