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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – October 7th, 2015  Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Gary Austin, Pat Stearns, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Dan Fusco, Mike Levasseur, Mark Hollinger, Peter Lloyd, Liz Shocklin, Heather McAuley, Steve Bast, Ted Doucette, Seth Landsman and Matt Willis.


Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:33


Minutes: September minutes were accepted


Treasurer: $11k booster, $38k P&R – need approximately $6k for referees.  


Travel: Boys – most teams placed well, one U10 team moving up.  2 teams to Pepperell tournament.

     Girls – most teams properly placed.  7 teams to Pepperell tournament.


In-Town:  PW – no problems

    U6 – need new U6 director for the spring as Heather will step down.  Last week of Best Soccer 10/26

    U8 – Going well, all girls’ teams have at least one win.  Boys there have been a couple of blowouts.


Registrar: Total registrations = 487.  Spring registration to open 10/15


NVYSL: New books won’t have maps.  New end of game handshake, coaches go first to shake with refs and each other after which they will stand opposite the ref to observe player “behavior”.  USSF moving to calendar year age registration.  2016-2017 recommended, 2017-2018 required.


Referees:  Ref class for 12 and 13 year olds went well, end of season follow-up to be scheduled.


Snack Shack/ Booster:  $450 from Russell Street


Equipment: Nothing needed


New Business


Late Fees – Increase to $50 fall of 2016 – notice to be posted on the website

Revs night for Littleton – 277 have signed up.

E and F course coaching license courses to be investigated.  E course needs 1 month notice and room space with gym and whiteboard.  F now has a 2 hour update before E course.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM