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Littleton Youth Soccer Club – November 4th, 2015  Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Gary Austin, David Caouette, Bob Stall, Dan Fusco, Mike Levasseur, Mark Hollinger, Cheryl Hollinger, Peter Lloyd, Heather McAuley, Seth Landsman, Bob Chrenc, Tommy Proulx and Matt Davis.


Gary Austin called the meeting to order at 7:33


Treasurer: $7.6k booster, $38k P&R – $9.5k from P&R to booster for refs last year and $4.5k for this fall.  


Travel: Boys & Girls – all is well with one week to go


In-Town:  PW – Going well

    U6 – Matt Davis appointed U6 director for the spring.  Issue on placement where size of player may cause injury to smaller players.  No current policy on this and it has not been a problem.  Concern that parents can use this as an end around to age placement.  Medals to kids this fall, not just waiting for world cup.

    U8 – Going well. 


Registrar: Open.  Late fees kick in 12/31 for travel and 1/31/2016 for in-town


NVYSL: National USSF change to calendar year age, Mass adopting fall 2016, NVYSL likely to follow suit.  How will we handle?  Fall birthdays now go from oldest in age group to youngest.  About 1/3 of our players now move out of their “grade” to play with kids the year ahead in school.  Will we keep “classes” together by moving younger spring birthdays into older age group or just adopt the new standard.  Need to determine before fall registration and advise parents.


Referees:  Refs in training doing well.  Older kids progressing.


Snack Shack/ Booster:  $437 from Russell Street, $1018 from Koerper.  Russell St added approximately $1,000 for season.


Boosters:  Fund raiser brought in $2900.  Special account set up to set it aside.


Equipment: No report


New Business


Littleton town holiday booklet – Littleton Businessman’s Association – do we want to place and ad.  Voted No.

Inquiry into the band blankets sold at the football games.  Can/should we sell these ourselves.  Cost, etc.  To be looked at.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:02 PM